Lawn Care

We offer a customised annual lawn care program to all clients to ensure you have the best possible lawn year round.

For those clients wanting individual services we offer -

FERTILISING - it is very important lawns are fertilised at the right time of year with the right products.
We offer a year round fertilsation program for clients.


WEED TREATMENT - at various times of the year weeds will appear in the lawns, winter grass, clover, bindi's, paspalum etc. We are specialists in treating lawns for these weeds with the right products.

FUNGICIDE AND DISEASE CONTROL - if your lawn is struggling with fungicide issues or disease we can fix this for you. We also offer a preventative fungicide treatment.

TOP DRESSING - helps to increase nutrient retention, improve drainage and increase disease and pest resistance. It will encourage the production of new shoots and result in a thicker lawn.

AERATING - helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Aerating alleviates soil compaction which limits the amount of nutrients and water that can penetrate the roots of your lawn.

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