Services Offered


Pruning and hedging - we are specialists in hedging and offer an expert service.
Pest control - at various times pests and diseases appear on plants and trees. We have the necessary skills to recognise these and treat accordingly.
Drought tolerating gardens - with another hot dry summer predicted it is important to prepare your garden accordingly. We can assist with this.
Fertilising - it is important to fertilise your gardens at the right time of year and with the right products. We can provide this service for clients.


Lawn mowing - includes edges and removal of clippings. Alternatively a mulching service can be provided for shorter length lawns ensuring the nutrients remain in the lawn. 95% of our clients prefer we mulch their lawns
Weed treatment - at various times of the year weeds will appear in the lawns, winter grass, clover, bindi's, paspalum etc. We are specialists in treating lawns for these weeds.
Top-dressing - we offer a top-dressing of lawns service to clients who require this.
Fertilising - it is very important lawns are fertilised at the right time of year. We offer a fertilsation program to clients.
Turf laying - we offer a turf laying service for clients requiring this.


Under the WaterWise restrictions imposed by Sydney Water people are no longer allowed to hose hard surfaces like paths and driveways. Colorscape Gardening Services has an exemption from Sydney Water enabling us to pressure clean hard surfaces for clients. We can make your driveways or paved areas look like new again, even children's play equipment.

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